The integrity of good design and fine craftsmanship is dependent on the details. These are a few you will find in my work. If you look closely, you will discover many more on your own.  

 classic joinery
Hand-cut dovetails allow for creativity in the spacing, size and the shape of the dovetail. Wedged through-tenon are very attractive and can become an important design element. Both these type of joints are not only incredibly strong but beautiful as well.


hand planes
In order to reveal the full depth and clarity the wood grain has to offer all surfaces are carefully hand planed. By using a well-tuned hand plane with a sharp iron, surfaces can be ready for final finishing.


 door pulls
Door pulls offer an opportunity to give a cabinet its distinctive look. Just as important, the pull must feel good under your fingertips. By experimenting with several shapes and sizes, these pulls are hand-carved in order to get the right look and feel.


Solid brass knife hinges are usually used on cabinet doors. This type of hinge is the least obtrusive while being easily adaptable to several situations. The installation must be precise for these hinges do not allow for minor adjustments. While being commercially available as either straight or offset, it is not uncommon to mill custom hinges for unique applications such as coopered or curved doors.


 other hardware 
Two other hardware elements made by hand are door catches/stops and the shelf consoles that support adjustable shelves. These items are made from the same wood as the rest of the piece, keeping quietness within it. This handwork is not done to be impressive, but rather it is done to be discreet.


Shellac (French polish) or Danish-rubbing oil is usually used for finishing. Another favorite finish is natural beeswax. A fine enough finish by itself, beeswax works well as a final protective layer over shellac or oil. These finishes provide substantial protection while being easily repaired or touched up if needed. Surfaces that receive heavy use, such as a dining tabletop, are protected with a lacquer finish.

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