Christoph Engle Design

  "My woodworking is quiet; but if you listen carefully...
it has a lot to say."

--- Christoph Engle


As an active part of our surroundings, furniture should be lived with and enjoyed. Through careful material selection and thoughtful design, a piece of furniture can come to life, being functional as well as beautiful. A quality piece of furniture will speak to you and become like an old friend that you want to visit with time and time again.

A beautiful showcase cabinet can be an inviting place to display the most precious of items, whether it's porcelain figurines or an antique musket. Through the commission process, a piece can be built to fulfill all the practical requirements while maintaining a complimentary style to its function and surroundings.

Each piece of furniture is built using time honored construction and joinery methods. Every element is fit by hand to exacting standards and then carefully assembled to create a piece of furniture that will be a part of your family for generations to come.

Christoph Engle Furniture   
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